Benefits of our program

At Revive, each treatment plan will be tailored to the individual client and their personal goals.  We will evaluate and address many areas of our client’s functional capacity using strategic and aggressive exercise to promote neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the ability of the nervous system to reorganize, reconnect, and regenerate pathways to promote recovery.  Clients experience benefits in the following:  

                • Re-education of the nervous system
                • Maintain and build muscle mass
                • Improve posture and mobility
                • Increase tolerance to an upright position
                • Preserve range of motion and flexiblity
                • Promote cardiovascular health
                • Improve circuluation and blood pressure
                • Decrease medication reliance
                • Minimized pain
                • Increase in independence
                • Improved self esteem
                • Enhanced quality of life



Benefits will vary between individuals based on injury/diagnosis, program compliance, and time. Achieving and maintaining improved neurological function is a lifelong pursuit that requires discipline and consistency; there are no magic cures.  

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