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Initially, a 1 hour in person evaluation by Dr. Ashley will be performed.  During this session your medical history is reviewed, an assessment of your condition(s), level of function, strengths, challenges, and education related to your injury will be performed.  Based off these results, an individualized treatment plan will be formulated to help each client progress to their personal goals.   All clients are required to provide a prescription for intensive physical therapy from their physician.  A DEXA bone density scan may be required for training pending results of the evaluation.

In addition to training for improve strength, endurance, balance, flexbility and coordination various specialized treatment techqniues are utilized to maximize neurorecovery and if medically appropriate can include the techqniues below:

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Gait Training

Body weight support systems are utilized to allow the individual to walk over the treadmill or ground to excite the nervous system. Initially a therapist assists with the movement of the legs to simulate walking however as the person gains function less assistance and body weight support is provided.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Restorative Therapies, RT300, arm and leg cycle and XCite systems are utilized at Revive. This allows us to create repetitive patterned movements in your arms, legs, and core to activate deconditioned or paralyzed muscles.  Some benefits include:

  • reduce muscle atrophy
  • maintain range of motion
  • facilitate muscle re-education
  • reduce muscle spasms
  • reduce secondary complications such as pressure sores and pneumonia.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

NMES is a treatment approach that utilizes electrical stimulation. Like FES it is task specific to generate a muscle response while increasing the excitability of the nervous system. 

Tasks are performed with stimulation and then without for improved carryover for the nervous system.

Vibration Plate

Utilized to help relax spasticity and tone or to excite the nervous system in preparation for exercise


Sport Specific Training

Are you an adaptive athlete? Want to improve your performance in your sport?

We offer sport specific training programs to improve your play on the field, court, and road.

 Medical Equipment Needs

Already a client at Revive? Have complex leg bracing, wheelchair or equipment needs?  Let us know and we can provide consulting with the appropriate vendor.

If you are currently in a traditional therapy program we value coordinating with your therapy team to provide the best outcomes for you.



Revive Adaptive Training

Small group functional fitness classes to take your training to the next level


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Fit With Friends

In conjunction with Crossfit Mecklenburg and Wheel With Me Adapt Fit, Revive assists to provide Charlotte's only FREE all-inclusive Crossfit class!!


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